In our drive easy simulator an extremely realistic practical training is waiting for you. In the cockpit you will find all operating elements you need for driving. The pedals for gas, brake and coupling can be pushed like in a real car. The perspective from the high-quality Sparco sports seat with a seat belt is like the one of a driver in a car. Thanks to three big full-HD monitors you have a very broad view and can even see cross traffic. The mirrors show you what’s happening behind or next to you. The simulator’s overall appearance is completed by a Force-Feedback leather steering wheel, which transmits even road bumps and a high-quality control button with six gears. Over the webcam your looks will be controlled, e.g. if you looked over your shoulder in certain situations.
The drive easy simulator is equipped with a top sound system for realistic driving sound and includes a structure-borne noise feature which generates vibrations in your seat: you can feel the grinding point and road unevenness.
The training with our drive easy simulator is possible in the following languages: German, English, French, Russian and Turkish.

Better efficiency. You can reach your goal of safe driving with less driving lessons.
Better understanding. If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can stop the program. The exercise will be explained to you in detail and you can do it again afterwards.
Better concentration. You always practice one specific teaching content at a time until you feel safe in it. There is no distraction through new driving situations like in real traffic.
Better motivation. The drive easy simulator adapts to 100% to your skills. That means, your learning achievements are visible immediately.
Better preparation. You enter real traffic situations perfectly trained and can master them and the practical exam in a more sovereign way.
Better relaxation. There’s no need of help in steering or braking from your driving instructor in certain driving exercises.
Better privacy. You complete the training self-responsibly. You are only assisted by comments of your virtual driving instructor. A webcam observes whether you use the mirrors and look over your shoulder when needed.
Better environmental friendliness. Through driving with the simulator, you go easy on environmental resources and decrease CO2 emissions.

Account FAHREN LERNEN MAX. Available in the Schanzer Fahrschule.

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