Your benefits

A series of benefits

We have thought a lot about how to best support you during your individual driving training. Below you will find an extract of our top service offers. We would be happy to introduce more information and advantages of our extraordinary training concept to you in a detailed consultation.

You can complete all the required theory lessons in one learning block. It’s possible to finish the lessons in 12 days. If you take part in our theory crash course, it will only take 7 days.

The one-of-a-kind guarantee of success in combination with the learning material “Fahren Lernen Max” takes all the stress from you before the exam. Study hard until the end and work for the guarantee of success in your theoretical exam! That means: If you failed your first try, we would pay for the costs for your next exam (external costs not included).

You’ll be surprised!

Pilot training for streets. The driving training starts with a high-tech driving simulator. You want to start driving stress-free and even safe money while doing so? If that’s the case, the driving simulator is the perfect option for you. For more information, please contact us on our website or visit us at our location in the Westpark shopping center.

You have already saved enough money for your license yourself? Your parents or grandparents pay for it? That’s wonderful! However, if you must pay for it yourself and don’t know how, we are happy to offer a fair financial funding to you directly at our location.

Experience the physics of driving in a unique way and take the chance of testing the performance and limitations of your vehicle in a harmless setting! After receiving your license, we will give you a driver safety training of value 99,00 € free of charge. You can get more information from our office assistants or through the contact form on our homepage.

Getting your license in only 14 days – you wanna know how that works? Send us a request on our homepage or call 0841 32 222. We are happy to help you!

If you are not satisfied with your driving license training, then tell us, and you will get your money back. We only want satisfied customers. You only do your driving license once in your life, and that must fit and fun. Exact information is available in our office.

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