This is what the Drivers Cam can do:
Practical training without hectic or even dangerous situations in the driving school car. Very appropriate for preparation before and follow-ups after your driving lessons. You feel safe during the driving lessons. Great additional training for your practical driving examination. Comfortable practice with your computer or via app.

How does the Drivers Cam work?
With the learning card you watch videos about problematic situations at your exam locations. You can watch them in a relaxed atmosphere. Important points are highlighted and commented by well-trained driving teachers. You prove your knowledge in a practical test. According to each video from the learning card there will be questions and answers.

A quick way to your driver’s license with Fahren Lernen Max and Drivers Cam
With the online license training Fahren Lernen Max including app you enter the theoretical examination with a secure feeling; with the Drivers Cam you know, what to watch out for in your practical exam. That’s how training for your license works today!

There is more information about Fahren Lernen Max and Drivers Cam at our locations!

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